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Hi, I am Daya Naef

As a skilled professional trainer, speaker, coach-consultant, and law firm owner, I, as CEO and Head Coach at The Success Partner specialize in guiding lawyers, and law firms towards exponential growth while ensuring the retention and fulfillment of the firm’s mission. 

My approach involves developing a robust framework for career advancement, building, selling, pivoting, and transitioning, offering a unique blend of expertise that weaves in expertise beyond legal field including specialized experience in real estate, construction, and the arts.

With over 20 years of experience owning and operating my own businesses, as well as working for large companies and nonprofits, I have successfully led teams to secure contracts in housing, revenue, and community redevelopment. 

Through my coaching, my clients have achieved remarkable successes, including starting their own firms, securing multi-million dollar contracts, receiving promotions, and earning raises and bonuses.

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